Year’s End

1 01 2011

I’m not sure anyone looks at this thing anymore. It was (and is) solely intended to keep our family and friends up-to-date on Hugo’s comings and goings. But I’d like to think we do a decent job of keeping you all in the loop on major happenings in our family. Just in case, however, here’s a very quick recap:

–We moved to Sacramento from San Francisco in February. No regrets whatsoever.

–Sacha quit her job in the summer. Again, no regrets.

–I enjoyed reasonable success this year as a political consultant working for myself and thus have been able to put off getting a real job.

–Hugo will welcome a little sister (Beatriz) in about 11 days, if all goes as planned (will we have to rename this blog?)

Hugo turned three in Kauai this year. He is brilliant and exhausting. Current obsessions include sharks and other sea creatures and the gods, heroes, and (especially) monsters of the Greek and Egyptian myths.

Happy New Year! (and if you’re really getting your information about us from this blog you should just give me a call sometime…).



Wag the Dog

27 06 2010

Here Hugo tries to walk Tamarindo, his Tio Lalo’s dog. At this point, Hugo lacks a bit of natural leadership.

Tamarindo and Hugo are actually good buddies and love to chase each other around the backyard (hmmm… well, Hugo loves to chase Tamarindo anyways)


27 06 2010

Juan, a sucker for indulging Hugo’s love of water, purchased a crazy contraption called a Waterpillar the other day to help us through the hot Sacramento summers.

Summer, here we come!

7 06 2010


As of the end of this month, Hugo and I are full time playmates. No work, no school.

We discovered a fantastic pool this weekend, which we plan to make a habit of.


1 05 2010


We met Alexandra and Mina for a trip to Train Town in Sonoma on our way to Ukiah. The perfect recipe for a car nap!


15 01 2010

Maybe because of the end of the New Year, maybe because I’m feeling sentimental, but I thought I’d write a bit about Hugo’s buddies. Hugo has a great group of pals, some from daycare, some who are the children of friends of ours, and some who are, well, stuffed.

In Mid-December we attended his school’s annual Christmas party. I missed this last year, as it coincided with my dad’s birthday, and had to make do with descriptions from Juan. So glad I was able to go this year! I loved seeing Hugo’s little world.

Below he uses his friend E’s new “makeup”:

Taking a seat next to another friend A:

Lately, when I ask him who he played with today at school, he says, with a somewhat exasperated tone, “My friends!”

Hugo also has two good buddies outside of school. Mina, daughter of our friends Ali and Alexandra, is 5 months younger, but worldly beyond her years. One thing Hugo really likes to do with Mina is jump in the crib, and whenever she comes over, thta is on the agenda. Here they are at the Oakland Zoo:

And, uh, not being quiet (sorry monkeys!):

Last, but not least, our neighbor and friend, Polly. Polly is a 7 months older than Hugo, but they have been hanging out together since Hugo was born. Those two get up to some serious antics. Tonight, following Korean food in the Avenues, they ate their cookies tailgate style, holed up in the trunk of the car. Here they do some serious puzzling:

Boy Gone Wild

5 12 2009

Here’s a little video of our boy being crazy this fall.

Hugo is talking like a little man these days.  Current obsessions include Hot Wheels, crayons, and “siwee” [silly] books.  He’s excited about Christmas and thinks there’s a jaguar in our bedroom. (If there seems to be neither rhyme nor reason to his current interests, there isn’t).