35 Weeks

26 06 2007


Hugo the Hedgehog

26 06 2007

Our friends Colleen and Sasha got Hugo this guy, named appropriately, Hugo the Hedgehog. He’s from France and is very soft. Hugo is sitting in another gift from dear friends, a Bumbo from Sandra and Patrick.

Baby Shower

19 06 2007

Alexandra, Kathy, and Sarah threw us a shower on Sunday. Among the many great great gifts was this, an FC Barcelona onesie that I’m sure Hugo will cherish for life (or drool and puke all over).

32 Weeks

17 06 2007

Sacha got a haircut. Looks good, no?

31 Weeks

9 06 2007

We went to Pt. Reyes last weekend. It was freezing cold of course.