38 Weeks

24 07 2007

Warning, don’t tell Sacha she’s “about to pop” It’s not funny, and that’s not really how babies are born.


Yes, My Son’s Codpiece

24 07 2007

This is the “Wee Block,” a handy (I haven’t had an opportunity to field test it) little device that is meant to nestle over Hugo’s wee, er, wee-er, when he is being changed. The idea being that this thing will block any golden showers that ensue. Yes, I know how ridiculous this seems. Yes, I know how ridiculous this is.

Dig the Crib

24 07 2007

Our friends Allison and Brendan, parents of tremendous duo of William and Edward, sent us their beautiful, and yet unused, Stokke crib. This Dutch-designed crib is priced a bit beyond my cheapass tolerance levels, however, thanks to our friends’ kids’ refusal to fully take advantage of this modernist minimasterpiece, Hugo will live like a fancy boy.

The “nursery” (nee office) is coming along and we’ll post pictures once it’s done.

36 Weeks

7 07 2007

We went to the doctor today. Hugo kicked for her but we suspect he’s not coming anytime too soon.