Babylegs Part II

25 08 2007

Behold our babylegged (you thought he had only one pair?) son in his crib for the first time. He’s okay now, though he fussed soon after.


Good Mood Hugo

22 08 2007

Hugo seems to have become a worse nighttime sleeper in the last couple of days. Here’s some video of him from today, in a more amiable mood.


18 08 2007

Hugo is, for all intents and purposes, a very good boy. He rarely cries for too long, doesn’t puke over his clothes, sleeps between feedings at night (mostly), and looks lovingly at his mother when dining Chez Maman. However, this week at home we’ve noticed that he gets a bit irritable in the evenings, around 6ish, and this irritability can last for a few hours. It’s rarely wailing and howling, but just, I don’t know, crankiness.  See for yourself.

Baby Gorilla

17 08 2007

It’s hard to tell in this picture, but Hugo’s back is somewhat wrinkly and and furry, like a baby gorilla’s.

Little Bee

15 08 2007

Three days home is pretty much as long as Sacha was able to wait to try on H-bomb’s babylegs.

Hugo Gets Hiccups

13 08 2007

I shouldn’t laugh at my son’s digestive quirks, but his hiccups are funny and heartbreaking at the same time. We’ve now spent two nights with Hugo at home. He is by no means a nighttime sleeper but I think that Sacha and I are able to cobble a few chunks of sleep in between feedings and soothings. Today we’re ging to take our first walk as a family, to the corner market. He hasn’t had a major freakout yet (lasting more than 10 minutes) so let’s hope that streak lasts.

Holy Shit Part II

10 08 2007

Here’s some more video from Hugo’s Big Day. Wi-fi is spotty at the hospital and we’re here until Saturday, so we’ll try to get stuff up when we can.

This boy really is amazing…