Holy Shit!

8 08 2007

Hugo arrived yesterday. Perfect in every way. Mama is great (tired), papa is beside himself with love and terror. See more pictures at flickr.




5 responses

8 08 2007
Sandra C

Congratulations. He looks perfect and beautiful. With quite a grip. Can’t wait to meet him.

8 08 2007
Mimi Harris

finally! he’s gorgeous… please give sacha our best (mine and Jeb’s). congrats and don’t you dare worry about work for a minute!

10 08 2007
Mat and Claire

wow, you two have created another sentient being, using nothing but your genitals!
tell those kids in the background to go have a big bottle full of shut the hell up.
viva hugo.

10 08 2007
Linda Clarke

Congratulations! He is just beautiful and so precious. Wishing you all a lifetime of happiness together!

21 02 2008
The Great Solids Experiment « ¡Vamos, Hugo!

[…] on February 7, exactly six months after coming into the world, Hugo tried rice cereal. We followed the directions on the box. Did Hugo love it, did the certified […]

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