Your Hugo Video for the Day

30 09 2007

Hugo’s been making great strides this week. He smiles a lot more — he even laughs while awake — though the cause of this merriment is still unclear, whether it’s because he’s happy at seeing our faces and is amused at our antics, or he’s just passing gas, is not know.

He’s doing neither in this video, unfortunately. Capturing him on video laughing is a tough business…


The Science of Sleep

19 09 2007

I could watch this all day…

360 Degrees of Hugo

19 09 2007

That’s “I’m Looking Through You” from Rubber Soul playing in the background, a song I’m pretty crazy about these days. Apparently Paul McCartney wrote it about a girlfriend he had soured on. No matter, the tune is nice and easily adaptable to Hugo-centric lyrics when I’m bouncing him to sleep.

Typing Softly While Hugo Sleeps

11 09 2007

I don’t have anything clever to write. I could tell you that Hugo’s had some incredibly fussy and cranky moments lately, that last night was certainly not the best night of sleep I’ve ever had. That he seems to have sworn off the Kangaroo pouch, the only thing that was a surefire bet for calming him and getting through dinner (my dinner, that is).

But what’s the point? This photograph makes me so happy that, if I never sleep uninterrupted again, I’ll be okay…


4 09 2007

Hugo shocks even himself with his sneezes sometimes…

This weekend Hugo met many of his Monpere family at cousin Alex’s wedding in Pacific Grove. Our boy was quite the hit naturally. He was also very impressive in staying quiet and calm through the more than 5 1/2 hours of driving yesterday.