Year of the Pig

3 11 2007

We couldn’t resist.

 In honor of the lunar year and our son’s porcine snorts, we chose a pig costume for Hugo’s first Halloween.  The cuteness factor was off the charts. We weren’t worried about the main part of the costume, which is basically a Pepto Bismol-pink fleece sleeper with cloven hooves. The snouted headdress was concerning. We really didn’t think he’d go for it. I wouldn’t. But Hugo bore the indignity of his costume with grace and aplomb.

 We took him to a Halloween party at Juan’s work, where he was passed amongst the co-workers. In the evening, we joined Hugo’s friend Polly (a lobster) for a walk on a nearby street which goes all out for Halloween. There were endless haunted houses, dry ice,  and DJs.  The adults snuck candy. Hugo fell asleep in his stroller. Eventually we ended up at a nearby pub for dinner, where Hugo finally decided the snout was too much. All in all, a fabulous first Halloween. I can’t wait until next year….




One response

1 03 2008

I was looking for pig costumes at google when I found your photo!
It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! ^-^

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