Something Fishy…

13 12 2007

Freaking Out (In a Good Way)

Hugo and I went to the Steinhart Aquarium last week, and, of all our excursions, I think this is the one he liked the best. He couldn’t get enough of the huge tanks with their brightly covered, darting, contents. We watched piranhas and tetrae, seahorses and huge turtles, and we even took in the penguins, which Hugo followed with his eyes like a hunter.

The best moment in the video below comes at 0:11…


Nothing to Declare

4 12 2007


Hugo’s passport arrived recently. He’s all set now to join the Century Club. First stops: Spain and Morocco next spring.

His photo cracks me up. What’s even funnier is that that is the picture he will have to carry across borders for the next five years until he needs a new passport.

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