Something Fishy…

13 12 2007

Freaking Out (In a Good Way)

Hugo and I went to the Steinhart Aquarium last week, and, of all our excursions, I think this is the one he liked the best. He couldn’t get enough of the huge tanks with their brightly covered, darting, contents. We watched piranhas and tetrae, seahorses and huge turtles, and we even took in the penguins, which Hugo followed with his eyes like a hunter.

The best moment in the video below comes at 0:11…




5 responses

13 12 2007
Tom MonPere

I think Hugo has great taste in outings. Steinhardt Aquarium ranks near the top!!

17 12 2007

The best moment for me was the sneak peek at your fatherly ‘stache.

18 12 2007

The ‘stache is dead, the ‘stache is dead….

2 01 2008

Wowee! So cool to see him so responsive. I can’t wait for that stage.

8 01 2008
The Chaff

Just wait until he gets to see a jaguar shark, Stevesy.

I vote for the ‘stache to make a comeback.

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