Weekend Wrap-up

22 01 2008

We had a long, social weekend, which was a good thing since it appears that the week ahead is storm, storm and more storm, and we’ll likely be spending much of our leisure time exploring the great indoors.

On Saturday, Hugo attended his friend Polly’s first birthday party. He was the youngest of the crowd, and not quiet sturdy enough to hold his own in floor play, so he hung around the edges with us. He was, however, enamored of the mylar balloons with their coquettish tails, and spent much of the time trying to grasp the ribbon:


Sunday was a string of visits, including my high school friend Gwen, recently moved back from Chicago, and Alexandra and the newly sprung-from-the-womb Mina. Since Hugo was a big baby at birth, most newborns seem impossibly tiny and light to me. Mina (no pictures yet) is no exception, but she’s cute as a button, and I can’t wait for she and Hugo to become friends.

There were bad parts of the weekend, of course. Juan’s Vespa key disappeared, Hugo had some sort of jet lag which had him awake from midnight until 4 a.m. on Sunday night, alternately trying to convince one of us to play and crying when we insisted that it was an uncivilized hour for grinning. But in the end, I think I’ll remember my son, mesmerized by the birthday balloons….



One response

24 01 2008
Tom MonPere

I loved the photos of Hugo — particularly the one chasing the Mylar baloon. I hope you are doing well — and of course, that Hugo is doing well.

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