27 01 2008

This past week was Hugo’s first week in fulltime daycare. Thanks to California’s  paid family leave  and the generosity of both sets of Hugo’s grandparents, we were able to hold off on putting him into daycare until he was 5 1/2 months old, something I’m very glad for. Even at 4 months, Hugo seemed a bit reluctant to embrace the world outside the womb. He still liked to spend a good chunk of the day in his beloved pouch and wasn’t that interested in toys and the like. Now, he is a different baby. He likes to roll and jump and sit in his high chair with a tantalizing array of amusements. Sure, he still likes to be held sometimes, but that isn’t the only way he is happy.


 Hugo’s daycare is on our corner. Yes, on the corner of our block. That alone is a dream come true. No additional commute for either Juan or I, and, more importantly, no car rides for Hugo. It is a small family daycare run by a woman and her husband, with two helpers. Back when I was pregnant and we were starting to tour different types of daycare facilities, I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for. We looked at daycare centers, but the rows of infants in swings got me down. When we met Berta, we were elated. She has loads of training in early childhood education, but she is also warm and loving and immediately I felt comfortable with the idea of her taking care of my son. Over the months that Juan and I were home with Hugo, we’d drop in and see her from time to time. She’d coo over Hugo, he’d lunge at her gold hoop earrings with gusto. It was a match made in heaven.

 Still, sending your kid off for their first day away from home is probably never easy, and it wasn’t for us. Something about packing a bag for Hugo made my eyes a little teary, as if I was sending him off with his hobo sack to fend for himself, armed only with 3 6 oz. bottles, his swaddle and a clean diaper.


The happy ending: he has been doing great at daycare. He naps like a narcoleptic while at Berta’s, perhaps because of the stimulation of so many kids! toys! music! And when we pick him up, he is cozily ensconced in the arms of one of the daycare providers.  And taking him from them, feeling him in my arms after so many hours, and walking home, the three of us together, strolling the short block home, is the sweetest part of my day.




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28 01 2008
Tom MonPere

I am glad to hear that Hugo is doing well at Berta’s. I love the photo of Hugo, as well as the photo of the bottles. It is amazing the amount of use those bottles endure.

28 01 2008

Oooo Mabel’s Labels! I want to get some of those. Glad to hear that Hugo likes his daycare situation!

30 01 2008

Yep, Mabel’s Labels! They were really unnecessary, as no babies use the same bottles at the daycare, but sooooo cute!

31 01 2008

I have tears! It sounds like an amazing situation I hope I am lucky enough to find.

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