Pass Me Those Ciggies, Would You Doll?

24 02 2008

Fun with Mama

In the past week, Hugo has developed this new and hilarious laugh. It is wheezy and snorty, as if he has a half century of smoking under his belt, and utterly random. Juan reported that it appeared at the market while the two of them selected spices from the spice rack. A few days ago, he was staring at a framed picture we have on our bedroom wall of Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona and busted it out. The irony! The layers of wit!

Kid, you crack me up.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we present video of Hugo’s Marlboro laugh:




5 responses

24 02 2008
Tom MonPere

Sacha and Juan:
Needless to say Hugo has decades of wisdom in that body and mind.

25 02 2008

Just try catching it on video!

2 03 2008
Tom MonPere

Sacha and Juan:
I think the Marlboro laugh puts in a class by himself. He will be ready for Praire Home Companion in a couple of weeks.

6 03 2008

ok, i smoke and i don’t laugh like that. i totally resent the marlboro reference – coming from an ex-smoker too! harumph!

7 03 2008

“Smoke up, Johnny!”


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