Splish Splash

12 03 2008

Hugo loves his baths. He is usually soaped up every second or third day (or as, ahem, circumstances dictate), and it is a pretty surefire way to eke some last drops of fun out of the evening.

We abandoned the baby bath early on. Two months, maybe? He was never a fan, and I don’t blame him. Basically, the safety hammock of the baby bath meant that Hugo’s butt swagged in the water, but not much else. The rest of him was just wet and cold. Juan would tirelessly pour warm water over him while I sponged him down, but the most we could hope for from the experience was that he wouldn’t scream or cry. As a result, Hugo was not the cleanest baby you’d ever meet. Every evening, Juan and I would say, gosh, Hugo really needs a bath. And that is as far as it usually went.

Once we figured out that he could take a bath with me in the regular bath, things got fun fast. He loves to smack his hands against the surface of the water, spraying both of us and making a satisfylingly loud sound. We don’t have any dedicated bath toys, aside from some bath books, but last night I decided that it was time to spice up our bath play. Now, my mother was an early childhood education specialist. What that means is that you don’t get toys from stores. You make them out of things in your house, with your imagination. Only tools buy their toys pre-manufactured, don’t you know?

Not that I’ve followed that philosophy as a mother. I love buying toys for Hugo, trying to imagine what kind of sound or spinning motion will capture his fancy. But my recent splurge on bright, fun goodies was disappointing, as he quickly tossed them aside in order to more thoroughly engage with the box.

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, Juan is not exactly a fan of accumulating things. All objects entering the house are victim to his critical eye and oh-so-innocent query, “don’t we already have something like that?”

So, I decided I’d do what I remember so clearly from my childhood: grab a bunch of junk from the kitchen and give it to Hugo to mess around with.

I gathered together some odd bits of tupperware, measuring cups and a wooden spoon. The wooden spoon was the sleeper hit of the evening. So much fun to slap the water with and bang against the glass shower door (yeah, that’s going to get old soon…). Plastic cups and bowls, it turns out, are perfect for pouring water and beating with the wooden spoon. Hugo was doing this very cute thing where I’d pour water from a bowl held high above him, and he’d stick his little toes in the stream coming down. Worth every penny I didn’t spend.



10 03 2008

After 5 months of steady drooling and frantic gumming of any solid surface, Hugo has finally sprouted teeth! After all the fruitless anticipation, we had stopped really looking for them. But one day last week, as he performed his ritual chomping on my fingers, I felt two little daggers breaking through on his bottom gums.

Since then, he has been obsessed with them and spends most of the day fingering them (see above).  He doesn’t seem to be too bothered by their emergence. I, on the other hand, am already maudlin about the impdending loss of his gummy grin.  Like all milestones, this one is bittersweet.