Do the Right Thing

16 05 2008

(Hugo, looking like he’s about to throw a trash can through the window of Sal’s Pizzeria.)

It’s hot here. San Francisco, usually the coldest place in months like May (and July and August) is experiencing record high heat. No one has air conditioning (or swimming pools) and Hugo doesn’t find it the least bit funny.

In an attempt to take advantage of this rare heat Sacha and I took Hugo to the beach today.
He was quite taken with the water and gritty sand between his chubby toes. Because it was Alameda, and thus not really the “ocean” beach, the water was calm and warm. We lunched on the hot sand and occasionally dipped our pink warm son in the water to cool off.

By the time we left, our boy’s face and chest was covered in a potent swirl of sweat, salt water, sand, snot, cheese, cheerios, ham (I think), and drool (of course). He was quite the picture in his car seat on the way home, wearing only his diaper and the sun hat we affectionately call his “meth hat” (because it looks like it belongs to a biker in Lake County that wears cut off Levi’s and likes to go innertubing). The seeming discomforts didn’t bother him, though, and he kept up good spirits all the while.

Maybe next time it gets hot we’ll just go innertubing…




2 responses

17 05 2008
Tom MonPere

What was he drinking? As ususal he is the cutest kid in the world, and I say that as an objective observor.

26 05 2008
Tom MonPere

Juan & Sacha-
I got a call from Sal and he wants that window replaced. He also said that it is not fair to Hugo to keep his somber photo up much longer than his usual smile photos. I understand that he can now point — and his primary pointing target his Juan. I hope he is able to keep pointing as he grows older — it is an essential skill.

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