As In ‘To Swing’

2 06 2008

Yesterday Hugo and I spent the day together. In the absence of his mother’s car (at work) and the fact that society and John Q. Law says that Hugo is not yet allowed on the back of my Vespa (though if we lived in Vietnam things would be much different) our options for activities were a bit limited. We could always take Muni somewhere but Hugo has actually been warming to his stroller lately and I didn’t want to lug that thing on a crowded, sweaty bus, so walking it was. Last week, while exploring the city on my scooter (sans boy) I came across a playground above the clouds in a neighborhood called Diamond Heights. The playground, named for an extremely rich man, is beautiful, with new equipment and amazing views of the City, bay, and beyond. This place, I decided, was where I would bring my boy.

So, we packed our provisions, like a couple of sherpas. Zwieback crackers, water in a sippy cup, a diaper change, sensible shoes, and a couple of containers of Cheerios, and set off. I won’t lie to you, I’m not in terrific shape, and these streets are steep. Hugo’s also tipping the scales at about 20 pounds these days, so that stroller wasn’t without its weight. Up up up we climbed, stopping every block, and then every half block, papa panting, Hugo sympathetically gumming his crackers and tossing cheerios down the impossibly angled 29th street.

Finally, somehow, we made it to the top, and though I considered swiping some water from Hugo’s sippy cup, he kept his good mood.

This was his (but mostly my) reward:

Swings IV

Listening to his squeals makes the pain in my legs go away.




4 responses

2 06 2008
Tom MonPere

Congratulations on your trip to the clouds!! Hugo looks happy as a clam.

3 06 2008

I heart Hugo and his laughs and smiles. Please tell him for me.

3 06 2008

Yes, totally worth every muscle ache.

17 06 2008
The Chaff

Happy (belated) first Father’s Day, Juan!

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