The Fruit Thief

26 06 2008

We’ve been taking advantage of the stone fruit season by taking Hugo fruit picking. This is one of those things that Juan and I always imagined we’d do with Hugo, before he was born, before he was even Hugo in our minds.

Early in the season, we met up with Juan’s family in Brentwood for cherry and nectarine picking.  So much fun! But we were a little too soon for peaches and other fruits, so Hugo’s Aunt Sarah and I took a trip to Impossible Acres in Davis a few weeks later.  This place is much less crowded than Brentwood, and was about 20 degrees hotter the day we were there. Hugo was a little put out by the heat, but soon rebounded when he realized that his position on Sarah’s back meant that he could surreptitiously steal fruit from the trees without either of us noticing right away.

Hugo was half way through his first plum before we caught on.

Then came the apricots.

In the end we had to cut him off. When we wouldn’t get close enough to the trees for him to pick his own fruit, he tried sneaking a hand under Sarah’s arm in order to access the fruit she had in the box she was carrying.  Before we left Impossible Acres, Hugo had also sampled boysenberries and some heirloom cherries.

This summer had shown us how much Hugo loves fruit. This week he is obsessed with fresh blueberries, and I’m not using that word lightly.  He looks like Takeru Kobayashi while downing them. On Monday, he had a scary moment where he started gagging on one, before quickly coughing it out. Well, scary for us, but I guess not for him, since he had barely ejected the offending blueberry from his airway when he reached down and popped another one in, while Juan and I stared aghast, our hearts still racing.

What can I say, my kid loves fruit!





2 responses

1 07 2008
Tom MonPere

I think that Hugo is a true Californian — with a great love for stone fruit.

3 07 2008

It is such a great time of year for babies beginning to eat finger foods. So many good kinds of fruit all ripe and perfect! I am sure the kleptomania is just a phase.

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