7 08 2008

On the eve of his first birthday, Juan and I are overwhelmed with our son’s sheer cuteness. This is Hugo in the middle of one of his favorite new pastimes, dancing to his tunes while eating crackers. The song featured below is “Rootsman Dread,” from the critically acclaimed 2006 release from Putamayo, Reggae Playground. Hugo can’t stop himself from grooving to this song.

Admit, you’re jealous of his moves, aren’t you?




5 responses

7 08 2008
Finn's ma

Dang, look at the fly kid go! Groovin’

10 08 2008

That is a truly awesome video! Hugo is one adorable dancing boy.

12 08 2008
The Chaff

Happy birthday, Hugo! You already dance better than I do.

15 08 2008
Michelle Buttolph

Sacha! Stumbled upon this while googling old friends. Your boy is adorable, and you are clearly smitten! So great to connect with faces from the past, even if only electronically. Would love to catch up.


3 09 2008

got moves like his uncle!!!

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