Cheeky Monkey

19 09 2008

If you don’t think this is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen then there is no hope for you.

Hugo enjoys an airing out.


Can’t Wait for this to End

16 09 2008

Did I say the stomach flu was over? My hubris inflamed the gods, clearly. Hugo is not better, and is on day 12 of his misery (and ours).  Juan and I are weary of laundry, vile odors and a very unhappy baby. Hugo has become an incontinent little dictator, ordering us around willy nilly. This morning he demanded through grunts and pointing fingers that I put Juan’s flip flops on my feet. Whatever gets you through the day, buddy…..

Juan and I were remarking on the fact that during the challenging episodes of parenthood, when the sleep is terrible or, as in now, the virus will not end, a myopia sets in. We can’t imagine that Hugo will ever return to normal. Intellectually, we know, of course, that he will recover, but in the moment it seems infinite.

The Give and Take

13 09 2008

This video shows Hugo’s current penchant for doling out snacks. Family and friends are no the only lucky recipients. Last week he gave a waitress at a Thai restaurant a squashed cube of watermelon. She ate it before I could tell her that etiquette did not require that. He tried to give a grubby cheerio to a fellow queuer at Mitchell’s. She declined.

Lest you think my son is destined to be a doormat, always fulfilling other’s needs and ignoring his own, you’ll see in the video that if he scratches your back, you better be ready to scratch his.


11 09 2008

Over here we are stil grappling with the aftermath of the Terrible Stomach Flu of ’08. It was not pretty, let me tell you. All those glamorous visions you have of motherhood? It’s not all baby powder and fuzzy hats with ears. I’ll leave it at that.

We’ve been managing to go to the playground a lot lately, as Hugo can do more and more things. A playground in our neighborhood just reopened, all new and sparkly, and we’ve also been exploring parks in surrounding neighborhoods. So, in lieu of graphic details about what a virus can do to a little boy’s body, I’ll give you pictures of Hugo at play.


In the “big kids” area at Sunnyside Playground, my current fave:



And fakin’ it ’til he makes it at the blustery Walter Haas Playground (he has no real idea how to stay on this thing if he isn’t propped up):