Decision 2008

22 10 2008

Forget those jokers running for president, we are faced with a much more important (and cuter) choice around here — how to dress the boy for Halloween. In one corner, the playful and wise monkey. Jungle denizen, banana eater, and everybody’s friend:

In the other corner, the majestic zebra. Striped sage of the Serengeti, muncher of tall grasses and avoider of lions. Not so much personality as a monkey perhaps, but those vertical stripes are slimming don’t you think?
Crouching Zebra
The votes are already rolling in (via Flickr and Sacha’s Facebook page) but please cast your vote here. Regardless of the outcome, it’s sure to be a result that we all can live with:


Just Put Your Hands in the Air…

14 10 2008

Where did he learn to dance this way? We do play other music for him, but, for some reason, this cheeseball reggae track always gets him going. He doesn’t respond as well to all of papa’s heavy dub-Lee Perry-70s rockers or rocksteady yet…