Decision 2008

22 10 2008

Forget those jokers running for president, we are faced with a much more important (and cuter) choice around here — how to dress the boy for Halloween. In one corner, the playful and wise monkey. Jungle denizen, banana eater, and everybody’s friend:

In the other corner, the majestic zebra. Striped sage of the Serengeti, muncher of tall grasses and avoider of lions. Not so much personality as a monkey perhaps, but those vertical stripes are slimming don’t you think?
Crouching Zebra
The votes are already rolling in (via Flickr and Sacha’s Facebook page) but please cast your vote here. Regardless of the outcome, it’s sure to be a result that we all can live with:




9 responses

23 10 2008
Finn's ma

I voted monkey, but I say wear the zebra to daycare and the monkey to trick or treat! I bought Finn’s costume TWO months ago and I am so ridiculously excited!

24 10 2008
The Chaff

Monkey by a landslide.

26 10 2008
Tom MonPere

He looks great in both outfits. The zebra plays to his walking routine. Of course, he looks cute in both.

26 10 2008
Tom MonPere

If he goes like a Monkey he will be confused with George W. or as Garrison Keillor refers to him as the Current Occupant. If he is a zebra he will be viewed like an Obama figure– slight, sleek, and smooth. Anyway I needed to bring in the political touch to the Hugo’s Decision 2008.
Tom (again!!)

28 10 2008
The Chaff

In this matter, perhaps Hugo should be the Decider?

28 10 2008

Hmmm, Decider=monkey? That other well-known Decider certainly has simian qualities.

6 11 2008

Wow!!! He is growing fast!!! I think he looked adorable in both costumes but the money one was extremely cute. Keep up the great work!

3 12 2008
Christopher DeSimone

I love watching my cousin on video! He is so cute!! Enjoy! Christopher

3 12 2008

When do we get some photos or video of Christopher?

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