Color my World

27 03 2009

Hugo has got most of his colors down pat. He can tell you with a decent degree of reliability what is brown, black, red, blue, orange, green, white, yellow, pink, and, get this, magenta. He just learned that one today.

He is very proud of his new found knowledge. He shows off constantly. This morning during breakfast at a local eatery, Hugo kept standing up in his high chair to exclaim the color of the shirt of everyone in the restaurant. An older man alone walked in wearing an oxford shirt. “Blue!” screamed Hugo. The waitress passed us. “Red!” hollered Hugo, pointing at her t-shirt. Each time he looked at me, waiting for the laudatory remarks. He learned magenta today after inquiring repeatedly about the pink-purple-red hue of my shirt, and has been repeating through the day. I put him down to sleep a little while ago, and after I left the room, as he began his nightly pre-sleep word dump, I heard him murmuring to himself, “magenta….Mama….magenta.”

Hugo is also percolating an interest in numbers and letters. I don’t think that he grasps the concept of what they represent, but he can tell you that S is for Sarah, M is for Mama, P is for Papa and Q is for Quinn, etc. 

I guess all that TV exposure is finally paying dividends!



26 03 2009

Hey, are there any Cheerios eaters out there? Because Hugo fancies the Lego speed racers that are included in Cheerios boxes right now, and he would like to ask you a favor: save the cars for him!  

I Promise We Won’t Keep Blogging About the Potty

14 03 2009

Really, I do. But here’s Hugo giving the thing a tire kicking.