Summer Vacation

8 06 2009

We just arrived home from Mexico yesterday, all of us nut-brown and one of us (me) mosquito-bitten. We stayed in a resort that seemed to have been designed per the specific instructions of a focus group of 5-7 year olds. The kid’s pool was miles of water that reached Hugo’s waist, fountains, play structures, slides, wave pools, and well-positioned ice cream kiosks. I fear that Hugo has been spoilt for the San Francisco muncipal pools.

We managed to find some adventure and good food, despite the luxe resort living. A drive up the Nayarit Coast found us in a town we fell in love with, Lo de Marcos, and we’re tentatively planning a longer trip there. Shrimp, octopus and marlin were daily fare, and I think it will it will be a while before we cook seafood. We gorged on pineapples, mangos, and melons. But the highlight was definitely watching Hugo as his little head exploded with sheer fun.