Summer Vacation

8 06 2009

We just arrived home from Mexico yesterday, all of us nut-brown and one of us (me) mosquito-bitten. We stayed in a resort that seemed to have been designed per the specific instructions of a focus group of 5-7 year olds. The kid’s pool was miles of water that reached Hugo’s waist, fountains, play structures, slides, wave pools, and well-positioned ice cream kiosks. I fear that Hugo has been spoilt for the San Francisco muncipal pools.

We managed to find some adventure and good food, despite the luxe resort living. A drive up the Nayarit Coast found us in a town we fell in love with, Lo de Marcos, and we’re tentatively planning a longer trip there. Shrimp, octopus and marlin were daily fare, and I think it will it will be a while before we cook seafood. We gorged on pineapples, mangos, and melons. But the highlight was definitely watching Hugo as his little head exploded with sheer fun.




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8 06 2009
Tom MonPere

This is a wonderful video. Great photos, good music, and a wonderful main character. I think your Aunt Carol would have loved this video. It surely added alot of wonderful photos, and your narrative gave a succinct summary of your trip.

9 06 2009
Mom & Pop de Leon

We are so glad all of you had a good vacation! I’m especially happy that hopefully Hugo will have good memories of his ancestor’s country. You came very close to the birth land of his grandparents. Great pictures! Glad to have you home again!

11 06 2009
Gail Monpere

The video is a masterpiece-you capture the sense of magic that water and sand bring to a toddler. It reminds me of the sheer joy of living near the beach as a child and later of watching you at the bay and ocean in Hampton Bays.

18 06 2009


10 07 2009

Fabulous stuff. Absolutely fabulous.

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