Piñata Chronicles

6 08 2009

Piñata Part II

Hugo and I went for our yearly trip to choose a birthday piñata. The pickings were certainly slimmer this year and I was forced to choose from a selection of poorly designed simulacra of corporate licensed characters (Spiderman, Darth Vader, Thomas, Dora, et al.) The least offensive, the red car you see above, is, I believe a Pixar Disney character. Hugo didn’t recognize it as anything other than a big red car. A big red car he refused to relinquish the entire way home.
Piñata Part II

Last year’s model was tasteful and demure in contrast.

Piñata II




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7 08 2009

Milo would tell you that the Pinata is “Lightning McQueen,” from Disney’s Cars. In fact, I am on the hunt for just such a pinata for Milo’s party, but have yet to find one around here. Have Hugo give it a whack from us, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

7 08 2009

Ah, the Birthday Pinata tradition continues for the big second birthday. Happiness to all on this day of celebration.

P.S. UPS package delivered yesterday is from us, in case it was not clear.

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