Rainy Day

15 10 2009

Yesterday the storm hit San Francisco and we were housebound. Housebound with a toddler in scary indeed,  so it was time to pull out projects and games and all sorts of things I’ve been keeping up my sleeve during the warm months when Hugo was perfectly content to waterboard himself with the garden hose and shoo flies around the yard.

Part of the afternoon was occupied with a tea party, complete with muffins and scones. I don’t think he would even know the first thing about a tea party were it not for his beloved Max and Ruby. Ruby loves herself a tea party and so does Hugo:


Funny Guy

6 10 2009

I know that we have been remiss in updating here, so I wanted to share Hugo’s first joke. We were playing with his play farm, and we were putting everyone to bed in the barn.

I heard Hugo say to his Little People, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the cows bite….”

Once he saw that his crack got a good rise out of us, he couldn’t stop himself from repeating it, ad nauseum.