Toddler Obsessions

21 11 2009

Hugo has many obsessions of late. Sometimes they last a day, sometimes much, much longer, but they all seem pretty random to Juan and I. All of a sudden, he’ll look at an something and declare “I love [insert random object or idea]!” and that is the kiss that seals the deal.

Lately, Hugo has fixated on:

  • His toy cars. His box of cars, a medley of Hot Wheels, Lego cars, and some other Things That Go, brings him more comfort and joy than any other thing right now. It’s the first thing he wants to do when he wakes up in the morning.
  • Necklaces. Usually mine, but he also has some fetching mardi gras beads that he digs.
  • London. I think this came from his Paddington Bear book, along with fragments of conversations between Juan and I discussing a possible vacation in the Spring.
  • His pet snake Rick. He loved this snake hard and fast, and after a week of needing it with him at all times, it is dead to him now.
  • Tea. He loves to drink fruit tea, after which he always smacks his lips and say “How refreshing!”

 I can see that these things offer him comfort, even if  I don’t understand the genesis of the passion. Last night we were at a party where he didn’t know many people, the music was loud, and his attempts at socializing with the other kids his age were tragically unsuccesful. I was walking around with him for a bit, and he looked up at me forlornly and said, “I want my cars.” (Actually, he said, “I want my tars,” but I don’t want to mock his speech afflictions. Whoops, I just did.)



17 11 2009

We are once again woefully behind on the blog. We haven’t even told you about our Halloween!

Hugo was a dragon. A purple dragon. I bought his costume at a thrift store ages ago (July? August?), and was a little worried that he wouldn’t agree to wear it. His first two Halloweens, Hugo was fairly pliable and we had no problem putting him in whatever costume we chose. He now is in possession of many, many opinions and I wasn’t sure it would be so easy.

I turns out I needn’t have worried. Hugo loved his costume and loved asking everybody he met, “What you be for Halloween?”

First Ever Trick-or-Treat

For the past few years we have gone with friends to a local street that shuts down to cars and celebrates with haunted houses, music and a general carnivalesque atmosphere, but this was the first year that we actually took Hugo trick or treating. It was only on our block, with neighbors that we mostly knew, but it revealed something equally charming and disconcerting about our son. We coached him on trick or treat protocol in advance, hinted at the reward in his future, and let him knock away. As soon as anyone opened a door, Hugo dashed past them and straight through their house. Mind you, we really don’t know these folks that well. Everyone was understanding, but we definitely need to encourage a little bit of stranger wariness in Hugo.

The rest of the evening was spent doling out the candy he had collected. Hugo has had very little experience in the ways of candy and I could see the sugar rush hit him: all of a sudden he started jumping up and down and saying, “wow, wow, wow…” We managed to make it home in one piece, despite it all.

I’m wondering how many Halloweens we have left in which we get to pick his costume. I’m hoping at least one more!