Year’s End

1 01 2011

I’m not sure anyone looks at this thing anymore. It was (and is) solely intended to keep our family and friends up-to-date on Hugo’s comings and goings. But I’d like to think we do a decent job of keeping you all in the loop on major happenings in our family. Just in case, however, here’s a very quick recap:

–We moved to Sacramento from San Francisco in February. No regrets whatsoever.

–Sacha quit her job in the summer. Again, no regrets.

–I enjoyed reasonable success this year as a political consultant working for myself and thus have been able to put off getting a real job.

–Hugo will welcome a little sister (Beatriz) in about 11 days, if all goes as planned (will we have to rename this blog?)

Hugo turned three in Kauai this year. He is brilliant and exhausting. Current obsessions include sharks and other sea creatures and the gods, heroes, and (especially) monsters of the Greek and Egyptian myths.

Happy New Year! (and if you’re really getting your information about us from this blog you should just give me a call sometime…).